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Regenerative Agriculture
We use regenerative and circular agriculture techniques that allow us to improve the soils on our farms and consequently have healthier plants, in addition to capturing carbon from the environment. Also, we share technology and market access with associated farmers, in order to empower them and improve their quality of life through higher incomes. Finally, we are customer-focused downstream, ensuring that our impacts are community-based and driven by our values.
  • We share innovative farming practices
  • We nurture transparency
  • We build a better future with our neighbors
  • We care for our planet’s resources
A model founded by Shared-X
Impact Farming
Impact Farming significantly reduces the "yield gap" for smallholder farmers, which is the difference in modern agricultural yields versus traditional ones, and provides them with access to international markets. This results in empowerment for associated farmers and their communities, as well as an increase in overall socio-economic benefits.

1000 +
Impacted Families

500 +
Planted Hectares

300 +
Hectares of Peruvian forest 
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