Our Impacts

Game-changing Initiatives

As a company that carries impact in its DNA, we aim to empower neighbor farming communities in order to confront challenges and to do what’s right in the process, whether it be for their land, community, or family’s health and safety.


Shared-X is deeply committed to the communities where we farm. Not only do we provide employment opportunities, but we also work to improve the infrastructure, grant access to education, support initiatives to protect the environment, and coordinate trainings on a variety of health topics.

Yield Increase

Shared-X understands that for smallholder farmers, improving socioeconomics starts with creating a level playing field. By sharing modern agriculture practices and technologies to increase yield while maintaining or improving quality, smallholders are able to reach global standards and compete.

Market Access

Smallholders farmers have the option to sell alongside Shared-X, ultimately receiving higher prices in specialty markets. Despite no obligations or contracts, smallholder farmers have continued to work with the Impact Farming model because of the clear empowerment and financial success.

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Shared-X is revolutionizing the way we think about consumer products, but more importantly, how we interact with the global farming community and the environment. By focusing on transparent, innovative and bold value chains, Shared-X has raised the bar for responsible corporate governance, thereby creating the Impact Farming model.