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Functional Foods
“At Nampi we include  superfoods and organic fruits  in our products.”
Our goal is to develop  nutritious meal replacements and snacks  for everybody and for any moment.

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One Village Coffee 
Premium Specialty Coffee and Chocolate
“- From roasting in a farmhouse basement  to co-owned with  farmers! -”
The love for coffee has united us for generations and One Village Coffee is the result of  specialty coffees grown especially for all tastes.  

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Specialty Coffee and Chocolate
“áshi means “our” in Asháninka,  a native community in Peru’s Amazonian jungle.”
Together we harvest the best varieties of  fine aroma cocoa and specialty organic coffee.  Our line of specialty coffees and chocolates aim to tell the story of the people that are impacted by our business model: Impact Farming.

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Specialty Coffee 
“- Community | Collaboration |  CO owned with farmers -” 
A  COllaboration with agricultural communities  to provide direct extraordinary value to COnsumers.

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Village Coffee Imports
Wholesale Imports
 “Coffee and Cacao Collaborators -  
Transparent Partners"
 We facilitate access to premium markets for smallholder coffee and cacao farmers,  creating a more transparent and sustainable value chain.

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