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History of Nampifoods
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Nampi Foods is a vertically integrated grower, exporter, processor, and go-to-market specialist of healthy and organic specialty and superfood products that reach consumers around the globe. The parent company houses wholesale brands, such as Tropic-X and VCI, as well as consumer-focused brands, such as áshi, Nampi, One Village Coffee, and Co.
“Nampi Foods is an Impact Farming company under the Shared-X business and acceleration model, where our farms operate for the purposes of sustainability and environmental and social responsibility”
We use regenerative and circular agriculture techniques that allow us to improve the soil and consequently obtain healthier plants, in addition to capturing carbon from the environment. We also share technology and market access with associated farmers in order to empower them and improve their quality of life through higher incomes.
We operate in the Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha Biosphere Reserve (BIOAY), where we reforest and care for the habitat, flora, and fauna together with the native communities that neighbor our farms.
History of Nampifoods
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Patrick Vasquez de Velasco

Chief Executive Officer

Luis Carlos Medina

Vice President of Consumer Products

Edgardo Popolizio

Farm Operations Manager
History of Nampifoods
Shared - X is in our DNA
Founded in 2015 on impact investing principles, Shared-X aims to upend the traditional farming model. By working together with local growers to increase crop yields with innovative agricultural technologies, we are empowering farmers to take control of their future, the future of their families, and the future of their community. This is what we call the Impact Farming model.
History of Nampifoods
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